Why did I receive an email from you? How does Tapmydata work?

We provide tools for citizens to exercise their rights around personal data starting with access, in the form of a mobile app.

Generally this is in response to a user receiving marketing from a business, being a customer or concern around a data breach.

Organisations receive an email in the first instance notifying them a request has been made via the Tapmydata channel, as you've received.

How the process works is as follows:

  1. We verify the user's email and mobile details ourselves, without any knowledge of them or their data *
  2. We validate the user is who they claim to be and the organisation can provide confirmation if they hold a record, plus an autoresponse with content and branding they control. Typically, the call to action is to ask the user what they wish to know in particular.
  3. The user can respond to the organisation via secure peer-to-peer messaging, and answer questions and provide ID verification appropriate to the level of data being requested.
  4. We 'nudge' this process along using push notifications in the app to encourage the user to close the request off themselves when satisfied (and also reward this)

We believe our solution offers users the means to choose the channel and drive the data dialogue themselves, as GDPR requires, while providing organisations with the means to triage and respond to requests securely, consistently and at scale.

* You can learn more about our commitment to security and Privacy by Design principles in our case study here: https://tapmydata.com/we-dont-want-your-data-data-collection-end-to-end-encryption-for-apps/

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