What do the different statuses mean?

Statuses provide you with information about the current status of a subject access request. You cannot change statuses. Statuses are changed when actions are performed by you, the organisation, or the subject. 

Here's a description of what each status means:


Any new requests received have this status

Team responded

When you add a response

User responded 

When a user (subject) has added a response or additional information

Identification (ID) Requested 

When you the organisation requests the subject provide identification.

No record 

If you do checks and realise the request is not a user within your system.


When the user determines they are happy the SAR is closed. Note. We will also be introducing something in the future to close requests automatically if the user does not expressly do so to assist with your compliance.


Any previous statuses that may have been set have been updated to this.


This status is not currently used but will be in the future to archive old requests that have been closed.

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