I haven't received any responses, what do I do next?

Thanks for letting us know you’re still waiting for responses to your request/s .

We’re getting news of more and more users receiving responses from organisations, which is great. However, some organisations are insisting their customers use traditional methods, such as snail-mail (letters), email or telephone to make data requests. This may be why you haven’t received responses.

Of course, the problem with ‘traditional’ methods is they are not secure, and inconvenient for people to manage, which is why we built Tap in the first place.

It is your right to receive a response under GDPR within 30 days of sending your first request. As we see it you have a couple of options:

  1. Some organisations require proof of ID before using the service; be sure to verify your email and mobile number in-app. You can then submit a new request.
  2. You can email the organisation directly and say you wish for them to respond to you via the Tap app because it is a trusted and secure way to do so (you'll find their contact email address in their privacy policy)

We’re engaging with organisations to educate them about what we’re doing at Tap, so that future responses can come as less of a surprise. We're working on a couple of practical things that should help:

  1. Building a function to 'nudge' companies in-app that have not responded to you, saving you the hassle of emailing them
  2. Targeting organisations with outstanding requests to onboard them (more companies = more responses)

You can help us by shouting out on social media to companies who are dragging their heels; be sure to @tapmydata and together we’ll bring them into the 21st century 😊

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