How do I respond to a subject access request using Tap?

1. Open up the Tap portal in your browser (Don't know where to find the portal? Contact us

On the homepage screen click on ‘Access Requests’ 

2. Next you will see you list of access requests in order of date received. Those with a green tick show you have responded to them. Click on an access request that you wish to respond to. In this instance we've gone for the top request.

3. Next you will see the details of the access request including the subject's details. The two verified ticks show whether or not the subject has verified their mobile number and email address.

4. Toward the bottom of the screen you will see a box that gives you three options to respond: 

a) To attach a file and send it back to the subject, click attach file, type in the file label and browse for the file on your desktop or device.  If you want to send multiple files to a subject simply click on 'Add row'. We support most file types and formats. Once you've labelled and added the file, click submit response to send the file/s to the subject. 

If your file isn't working please contact

b) If you only have a single piece of data you may wish to use the ‘Enter Data You Hold’ response. This response is where you can enter a single piece of information such as an email address, or date of birth. Again you can add as many rows as you like by simply clicking on 'Add row'. Once you have filled in the correct information, click submit response to send to the subject. 

c) You can also send a message to the subject. This may be to find out more information about them, or even create a dialogue between you and the subject. Again you can add as many rows as you like by simply clicking on 'Add row'. Once ready, click submit response to send the message to the subject.

5. Once you have submitted your response, you will be able to see a history of your responses at the bottom of the screen. This provides a nice audit trail of your interactions with the subject. 

We do not collect any of this information. All responses will be sent straight to the subject's device using end-to-end encryption.

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